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Welcome to Gill Bilski's Secondhand Children's (& other) Books.
Please browse the catalogue of available books and, if you find something you like, find out how to buy it at the ordering page.

If you are having difficulties viewing or navigating this website please contact me here (gillbilski at gmail dot com)


11th May
New stock added again - mainly a few more romances and a lot of Pollyannas. Not yet added is the latest Girls Gone By publication, a reprint of The Bettanys of Taverton High, the first of a trilogy by Helen Barber set before the Chalet School. I shall endeavour to get it listed before the next update.

In other news, I have just started pricing Box 9 of Joy Wotton's books and will finally be getting a list out when Box 10 is finished. I've only got halfway through Bruce so you can see why it's taking so long. Will probably be at the end of 'C' when the list goes out. When that is done, I need to do a catalogue of my own books. I really am running out of space.

16th April
Stock updated again. Added the 3 latest Girls Gone By reissues - Chalet School & the Island, Attic Term and Marston Master Spy (Brent-Dyer, Forest and Saville). Also a lot of 1950s/60s Collins romances (not quite all of them but I'm getting there) and a few Iris Bromiges and crime novels.

20th March
Another load of books uploaded today and sold books removed. A fairly mixed bunch but including a few Oxenham 1sts, one of them (Win Through) inscribed by the author.

4th August 2008 New site uploaded - designed by my daughter
9th May 2002 Original site created

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