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Welcome to Gill Bilski's Secondhand Children's (& other) Books.
Please browse the catalogue of available books and, if you find something you like, find out how to buy it at the ordering page.

If you are having difficulties viewing or navigating this website please contact me here (gillbilski at gmail dot com)


7th January - website updated with sold books removed and a few new ones added.

Also a quick update about catalogues. I feel awful as, so far this year, I've only managed one catalogue but I've had so many books in and GGB have surpassed themselves in numbers of books that I really haven't had the time.

I have, however, been working on the first list of the late Joy Wotton's books which I shall be sending out by email to people on my catalogue lists. I would love to spread this wider so, if anyone has contact with her friends, please let them know in case they're interested.

I have all books listed but am waiting until the first 10 boxes are priced before sending out a list. I reckon this will be January as I've done the first four I think.

December Update
Firstly the site has been updated today and includes the new GGBP titles which I have in stock. They are £13 each + post at cost. Payment is on receipt, preferably by BACS transfer but cheque or Paypal also ok.

November update (edited)
2022 GGB reissues

Antonia Forest - Attic Term (first time reissue of the 9th Marlows' title)

EBD - Top Secret (first time reissue of the final Chudleigh adventure series)

October 2021
A load more books uploaded today - more of my mother's EJO's, some Winifred Finlays, some Armada Chalet paperbacks and many other books.

The reissued Daring Doranne by EJO (EJO Society £15) and Girls Gone By's Vicki in Venice by Lorna Hill and Peggy of the Chalet School by EBD (£13) will be here soon. I'm taking pre-orders for these now.

August 2021
I've been adding quite a lot of books recently. I've started (finally) listing my mother's EJ Oxenhams, first editions and many with no other copy I can find online. There are still a lot to add.

I've also been adding some Noel Streatfeild adult titles (almost all inscribed by author, but most fairly musty); some Schoolgirls Own Library booklets; some crime and quite a few long out of print Greyladies and other reissues which I found in a box

Keep safe!!

4th August 2008 New site uploaded - designed by my daughter
9th May 2002 Original site created

Do check out my Facebook page - lots of info being added there as well as here