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Links to book sites

Collecting Books & Magazines is a great resource for collectors of children's books. Based in Australia, there are pages on many of the most popular authors from the UK, Australia and the USA.

The New Chalet Club has everything you could want to know about EBD and her books, together with quizzes, places to ask questions and information on joining the club.

Friends of the Chalet School has similar information.

The Dorita Fairlie Bruce Homepage contains information on the author and her books.

The Abbey Chronicle (UK Elsie Jeanette Oxenham Appreciation Society) has FAQs, articles from past Chronicles and information on joining.

Other links

Heavengames - my web home. You'll often find me somewhere around the Forums at HG Main.

Last, but certainly not least, the eclectic website of a good friend who I 'met' at Heavengames and who was the one to persuade me make a site to sell my books. A mixture of photos, travelogues and poetry.