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Welcome to Gill Bilski's Secondhand Children's (& other) Books.
Please browse the catalogue of available books and, if you find something you like, find out how to buy it at the ordering page.

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23rd November 2023
Long time no write ... I've just updated the books once again. As always, many 'new' reissues but not so many new 'old' books (if you see what I mean).

Joy's catalogue with authors C-K plus a few miscellaneous non-fiction subjects went out a month or so ago.

I really need to start on my next 'proper' catalogue but I have so many books plus so many reissues appearing one after another (not that I'm complaining about the reissues, they keep me going between catalogues) that it takes forever to get done. I rather think my brain moves a bit slower as well which doesn't help!!

Hope all is well with all of you and hope to hear from you soon!

6th June 2023
Many books have been uploaded during the last 6 months (how can it be 6 months?) although I hadn't updated the front page ... so now I'm doing so. I've also (I hope) removed all the books sold from my last catalogue.

My new catalogue finally came out in April this year and went/is going well. I'm already working on the next list of Joy Wotton's books which will be authors C to K plus non-fiction books on Guiding, Dancing (mostly Country) and London. The email only list is finished but now I'm pricing them all (below my normal prices as with the first list) and checking the books on the list are actually the same as the books in the boxes; you'd be surprised how many books go walkabout, change author or title or vanish completely. If you'd like to receive a copy of either catalogue please drop me an email as above.

The many books I've uploaded recently include the remainder of my late mother's E J Oxenham, L M Montgomery and E Nesbit titles, almost all first editions. There are also many new Girls Gone By titles and those by other reissuing publishers. They are all in the New and Shop-soiled/2nd hand sections (links can be found by clicking 'Ordering' at the top of the page). Hope to hear from people soon!

I've uploaded some new titles today and have also reduced the price of many books as I continue with the catalogue. (I haven't reached non-fiction, annuals or reissues yet).

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