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Welcome to Gill Bilski's Secondhand Children's (& other) Books.
Please browse the catalogue of available books and, if you find something you like, find out how to buy it at the ordering page.

If you are having difficulties viewing or navigating this website please contact me here (gillbilski at gmail dot com)


14th November
I'm still working on the new catalogue of Gill Bilski Books (as opposed to Joy's books). I was hoping to get it out before Christmas but fear it will be a bit later than that. The main problem is that it's so long since the last one, books have wandered from where they should be and my bookroom isn't really big enough to turn out every box to find them. Then I'm 3 or 4 pages further on and the wandering books reappear from the strangest places which means moving everything ... it's very frustrating and, if books stayed where I put them, it would be a lot simpler :D

I've uploaded some new titles today and have also reduced the price of many books as I continue with the catalogue. (I haven't reached non-fiction, annuals or reissues yet).

13th September
Some new titles have been uploaded today.

In other news the first list of Joy's books has been out for a couple of weeks - I'm glad that many have gone to good homes but there are still quite a few left. Once I've got all the orders on their way, I'll start both the next part of Joy's list C to ? plus a proper new catalogue of my own books. It's been a while ...

4th August 2008 New site uploaded - designed by my daughter
9th May 2002 Original site created

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